History of ASzaszins4Hire

AS4H was originally a clan called A08 on Halo 3, the guild moved onto Halo Reach where recognition was achieved as AS4H on swat, after Halo 4 came out and while it was popular AS4H was well known in different playlists.

Today AS4H is a global Guild spread out on multiple systems and consoles, AS4H has a discord server, two websites, and a skype group. We also host RL group ups and a page on Facebook. We dare to say we are one of the older guilds to survive as AS4H was founded on Feb 2nd, 2008. AS4H Leader, Legoiceking, can proudly say his top 4 has stayed through out the years and uses this as the proof of being one of the more older stable guilds.

AS4H has taken up a bit of business idea using AS4HProductions as inner group for media outreach, it is used on youtube and twitch for streaming and video posting respectively.

Notable Members

Legos new Suit Icon
Legoiceking Furditore

The Leader and Founder of AS4H. Legoiceking is the longest running member originating the clan and creed from the PS3's PSHome to the Xbox and Halo Legend.



Thanos for short joined up with AS4H back when reach started up, he is in the top 4 for leadership and has since branched off to form a new guild while still being with AS4H

My Kitty

Alecia furditore

Alecia Furditore is Legoicekings rl mate who has been the lead along with Caltastrafy(Crayer180) on the PC side of AS4H.



Luckless bat is probably most known for his voice overs and appearances in AS4HProduction Videos. He and Legoiceking were manning the media.



Ninja is not only Count revens wife, but was the news girl for AS4H, she would post current news about anything game related and was commonly seen on halo or Minecraft.